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Basic overview

  • Entrypoint to network is a Linksys WRT1200AC

  • Main HP DL380 G6 server

  • File server is a Custom Intel SC5000 BASE


Self assigned WAN IP address, easily probed via our true domain

Main Server

Its hostname is just fosc

Runs NixOS with some nice configs and acts as a docker server. These configs are not intended to be touched by mortals, but can be seen by everyone so they can help in home setups.

Extensive docker-compose setup available at /var/docker/. TL;DR: Go there if you have been given access to deploy a stack.

RAID setup

NixOS boots from an independent f2fs 250GB SSD. Real storage is available in a ZFS "RAID10" composed of the 4 mechanical disks. Due to RAID card annoyances, replacing a disk requires a reboot (and probably more intervention)


This server is the services entrypoint for the network and hogs port 80 and 443 (among others) and will fetch different webpages based on domain.


Files are retrieved from the file server at /mnt/gordo

File Server

As you would have expected, gordo

Also runs NixOS, acts as NFS server and torrent seedbox. Has a minor traefik+docker setup as well, doing not much.

It is basically out of ram 100% of the time, as it is used for ZFS caching.

RAID setup

Three 1TB SATA disks in raidz (RAID5). The first disk seen by the BIOS contains the GRUB bootloader and a small boot partition aside from one of the three ZFS partitions.

Only one disk can fail at the same time. Be careful out there.