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Services FOSC as a service, or FAAS true 2020-04-30T22:06:46.253Z <nil>

View them all in a beautiful form at {.is-success}

Publicly accessible services

Anyone can see (some of) the content stored here, as a member you have full access {.is-info}

Frontpage The portal to it all

Blog The Blog is based on Bludit and showcases actitivies that make the news A Lychee-powered image hosting site to upload pictures from events and host resources for the blog.

Downloads Every distribution that we seed can be downloaded via http

Wiki You are viewing it right now!


Performance graphs for our servers and router

Goaccess Statistics generated by the web server hosting our frontpage.

Private Services

These require membership to work at all {.is-info}

FreshRSS The famous RSS feed reader

Nextcloud Our video chat, task list and personal file storage solution

Gitea Go powered Github clone for all of our code storage needs

Motioneye Web frontend for the Motion video surveillance software

Bitwarden Password storage solution

Transmission Transmission daemon web UI

LDAP password reset Sometimes you forget

Game servers

Server versions and ports may be nonstandard. Contact us if you want to run your server here. {.is-info}

Minecraft servers


FTB Revelations

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons


Minecraft Bedrock server

CSGO Server

Starbound Server