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Membership Costs and benefits true 2019-06-12T23:55:52.149Z <nil>

How do I become a member?

You become a member by either coming to our physical hackerspace often, or patronizing it.

If the lights are on, you are free to come and hack inside.

Even if you are not a member you are welcome to come in anytime. {.is-success}

Becoming a member is less of a legal process and more of a trust process, there is no way to become a member without being accepted by others in the group.

If you've been coming a lot to the space, it's likely that you will be asked to become a formal member.

Why would I want to become a member?

Formal members are stored in our member database and have access to the multitude of services we provide.

Check out our services list in the sidebar to find out what you're missing on.

Additionally, the tools and materials in the space are available for you to hack and mess with.

After a period of being a member, you may receive some extra perks:

  • Remote access to our server infrastructure
  • Proper Unix user account on our servers, with package management
  • Ability to manage docker containers in production environment
  • (Maybe) Access to the hackerspace key