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Extending Picoblaze with a VGA peripheral in VHDL

University project about adding a new peripheral and interconect with the CPU core PicoBlaze(8 bit xilinx microcontroller).

Already working:

  • VGA signals and controller.
  • ASCII Font, displaying characters over all screen.
  • Interface between VGA and picoblaze with I/O port x"FE".
  • 64 positions of RAM.
  • UART conection controlled by asm code.
  • testbench for simulating UART and simulating VGA.
  • When you press w/a/s/d key on UART, the cube must move.

One of the most important thing of the project was the VGA. We use other project for simulating the VGA without the real fpga, link explained here: VGA simulator

Some pics!